Thursday, 23 December 2010

Followers Do You Hear Me????

So guys... I started this blog so I could have a voice and vent and so that I would have followers who could do the same!!! Bt how do you have a voice when you feel your nt being heard?? Well guys its time to get personal, I wanna no your thoughts.. What your feeling at that exact moment, what's gives you that feeling of anxiety right in the pit of you everyday, what makes you smile in those once so often heart-skipped-a-beat moment? Tell me... Here's ten things you dnt need to no, dnt have to no, bt what the fuck might aswell no about me...

1. I'm still tryna be happy
2. I don't like him I Love him (there's a difference)
3. The one thing that's been with me threw everything is my shadow... Even that doesn't understand me
4. I miss my old life... Everyday
5. You were my hero... Until you destroyed my life
6. The last time I was happy was when I had no reason not to be
7. I'm the most miss-understood person on the planet
8. Really? You think I wanted this?... You couldn't be more wrong
9. I Live by... The Less They No The Less They'll Judge
10.I'm a fighter... You gotta give me that

You probably think I'm crazy... Bt these are just thoughts and emotions coming from experience... I told you my thoughts, now you tell me yours

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