Friday, 25 June 2010

Michael Jackson ♥

...Words cant describe how saddened i was when i received the devastating news 1 year ago today that the incredible King of Pop Michael Jackson was no longer with us... MJ has inspired soo many people on this earth, & he has given us all soo much ♥
Michael is not just the king of music but the king of the earth as that was his biggest dream to save our it is up to us to take on that roll of saving our planet for ourselves & future generations.
Michael will forever live on in our hearts & through his music, dance & legacy he has left on this earth!
MJ you are my life..&light..Godbless you Michael.. i truly hope your living the life you always dreamed of in peace in the sky.xo
L.O.V.E you Michael Jackson ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

...what was your favourite MJ tune..& your Favourite MJ memory?..please feel free to leave tributes in the comment section♥


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  2. *tears* wish he wasstill alive.
    thanxs for following my blog, i hope to entertain you. lol

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    with love,
    from MixedGirlMixedTruth

  3. Hey Doll.. Ino I really want to get more followers:)
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